Laser Vagina Rejuvenation

Although the treatment may sound a little complex, the truth is that it’s very straight forward and doesn’t take any longer than a few hours. Just one treatment is often enough to completely rejuvenate the vaginal area and passage, although further treatments may be required if extreme symptoms are present (such as persistent dryness).

Laser vaginal rejuvenation isn’t just suitable for treating vaginal dryness either; it’s actually a very effective method of eliminating all traces of pain and discomfort. A dry vagina can often become sore to the touch, and sexual intercourse can be very painful without the proper natural lubrication. The laser process works by seeking out the source of the occurrence (perhaps bacteria is present, or maybe the wall of the vaginal suffered damage during childbirth), and then working to eliminate or rectify the cause.
The way that the laser process works is by reducing the presence of the older, damaged vaginal wall. It does this by slowly breaking down the cells and tissue, which then encourages a newer, fresher layer of wall to develop from within. As the older wall may suffer with dryness as your body struggles to replenish old and dying skin cells within; it’s not uncommon for these dead cells to build up over time.
Those cells are exactly what the laser treatment will target, and by breaking them down, it will pave the way for newer cells to grow and develop, therefore returning the natural lubrication and entirely eliminating the dryness that was previously present.